This is one amazing burger. Found it at Mulberry. Mulberry is a quaint little wine bar in downtown Austin, TX.

I highly recommend checking it out.


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Mashups are, according to the big Wiki, “a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.”

You’ve probably seen, used, “experienced” these online globs of content without knowing it. More and more web companies are opening their source code or creating api’s to allow the use of their content in ways that are only bound by the imaginations of programmers. Are programmers the most imaginative people ? That’s debatable, but here’s one mashup that I think is pretty funny and interesting.

Did you know that Austin is the 5th Drunkest City in the USA?   or that Cleveland has the 2nd most alcoholics in the US behind Kansas City…Yikes and they don’t even have beaches….

Check it out by viewing this tidy little mashup:

One last thing about mashups… they don’t have to have a business purpose though many of them do…

See my next post on the Technology and Creativity Delta … coming soon.

Did you know that Lambard Street is in the Guiness Book of World Records? Yep, it’s the most crooked street in the world apparently.

I bet you didn’t know that on April 8th it is also the site of one of the best ideas I’ve heard of in a while. The “Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race.”

What a great event. Who ever thought this one up gets the e=MC3 award in my book. It’s one power more than genius.

Large corporations the world over should be sending CEO’s to race in it. They should be creating Big Wheels with sponsorship stickers all-the-heck over them, like Nascar. Their should be video of them on YouTube the next day. What a opportunity for the price of a big wheel and plane ticket.

For the most crooked street in the world…Somebody’s got it straight. Nice work.


My Favorite Blog is: “How to be Creative”
by Hugh Macleod

It’s slightly long, but if it’s too long for you, then most likely you don’t get it. It’s very honest, but if it doesn’t resonate deeply with you then you most likely don’t get it.

Hugh’s blog applies in many ways to anyone involved in marketing, but I think it applies in a more personal level to all of us wishing to do what we love and just let the money follow. It applies to the cubicle guy or girl that punches a clock and wishes they didn’t…Do yourself a favor and read it.


Here’s a small excerpt.  Hopefully you will find that it resonates with you.

“It was so liberating to be doing something that didn’t have to impress anybody, for a change.

It was so liberating to have something that belonged just to me and no one else, for a change.

It was so liberating to feel complete sovereignty, for a change. To feel complete freedom, for a change.

And of course, it was then, and only then, that the outside world started paying attention.”

Well?  It’s like poetry when I read it.   I could have it sung to me over and over and it would never get old.

Do you know what sympathetic resonance is?  Wiki it.

I believe that a restaurant website should be engaging. If you’ve read some of my other blogs you’ll see that I have a lot of opinions on restaurant websites. This particular post has to do with a few basic pages that can really give your site more purpose than just a place for people to get a map, the menu and the phone number.

The Best Interactive Forms for a Restaurant Website

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These really are the only 3 ways to make more…and, no, one of them is not “install a new sign like the one pictured.”

There are only 3 ways to put more “jack” in your “box.” Yep, just 3 methods for putting more “Dom” in your “no’s… More “pizza” in your “hut” more ….. okay, I’ll stop.

If you can think of another way to increase revenue, one that doesn’t fall into one of these three ways– that I’m going to show you –I’ll send you a $20 dollar bill. I know it’s not much, 20 bucks, but then again do you offer a 25% discount very often? That’s only $25 dollars if I spend $100 with you… who’s cheap now? Just kidding…. let me show you what I’m talking about.

CAVEAT: You have to want to make more money. Many Operators say they want to increase revenue, but then they don’t try anything different than what they’ve always done. For some INSANE reason they always get the same result… hmmm…. A + B = C and B + A = C hmmm…. weird how that works. <sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell> People, you’ve got to be willing to get crazy with it. Well, crazy by your standards. Check it out: A+B+C = DEF not just D.

This will prove too deep for some, but would you rather have DEF or just C ? 3 times the value or just the same 1x value? Which is more 3 or 1? This is simple stuff. So why don’t more restauranteurs do it? I’ll show you what I mean and I promise this gets easier.

The 3 ways to make more revenue in a restaurant are:

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