National Restaurant Association Trade Show: And What It’s Really All About

May 24, 2007

Plains, trains, automobiles, sore feet and food, that is how I would describe the NAR show. What an event.

Trade shows are an interesting sociological event. You have social-classes made known by the size and location of their respective booths. Big booth in the middle means upper-class. Small booth, downstairs toward the back corner of the enormous room and miles from the front door, lower-class.

In our society we love the under-dog, right? We just don’t like BEING the under-dog. True to form it’s the under-dogs that rise from the lower levels of the show, step out into the aisle and stop the passers-by with a smile and personality (emphasis on ‘person’). If you’re in a 10×10 booth on the outskirts of the show you better stand up, step out and BE, THINK and REACT BIG or you relegate yourself to eternal B-team.

I proudly served on a team of 3 guys that generated over 200 leads. I learned a lot from the seasoned veterans I served with. They gathered most of the leads, but I feel 10x more confident going into the next one. Great job Scott and Dave!

If you haven’t been to the NRA Show in Chicago I recommend that you do whatever it takes to get there. There is no shame in being on the lower-level in a 10×10. It’s not about your booth anyway. It’s not even all about your product or service. The show is about people. People talking, listening, and connecting with other people. It’s after the show that you make back the money you spent while you were there. Now is when the real fun starts.


One Response to “National Restaurant Association Trade Show: And What It’s Really All About”

  1. Ken Burgin Says:

    Hi Keith – it’s a great show – and I missed your stand! But downstairs in the small hall definitely had the more interesting people and they made more effort. And this year it was way better down there than previously… Now, go phone your leads!


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