The ONLY 3 Ways You Can Make More Money in Your Restaurant

March 19, 2007

These really are the only 3 ways to make more…and, no, one of them is not “install a new sign like the one pictured.”

There are only 3 ways to put more “jack” in your “box.” Yep, just 3 methods for putting more “Dom” in your “no’s… More “pizza” in your “hut” more ….. okay, I’ll stop.

If you can think of another way to increase revenue, one that doesn’t fall into one of these three ways– that I’m going to show you –I’ll send you a $20 dollar bill. I know it’s not much, 20 bucks, but then again do you offer a 25% discount very often? That’s only $25 dollars if I spend $100 with you… who’s cheap now? Just kidding…. let me show you what I’m talking about.

CAVEAT: You have to want to make more money. Many Operators say they want to increase revenue, but then they don’t try anything different than what they’ve always done. For some INSANE reason they always get the same result… hmmm…. A + B = C and B + A = C hmmm…. weird how that works. <sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell> People, you’ve got to be willing to get crazy with it. Well, crazy by your standards. Check it out: A+B+C = DEF not just D.

This will prove too deep for some, but would you rather have DEF or just C ? 3 times the value or just the same 1x value? Which is more 3 or 1? This is simple stuff. So why don’t more restauranteurs do it? I’ll show you what I mean and I promise this gets easier.

The 3 ways to make more revenue in a restaurant are:

A. Increase the number of customers you have. (quantity of customers)

B. Increase the average ticket amount each customer spends in your restaurant: upsell, cross-sell, suggestive sell, shove it down their throat sell (man, I’m in a mood.), or just raise your prices! (quality of customer)

C. Increase the number of times a customer buys. (frequency of customers)

QUICK! Without cheating recite out-loud what your strategies are to do A, B and C simultaneously.

How will you increase first-time customer count this month over last?

How will you increase repeat customer count this month over last?

How will you increase average ticket price this month over last?

If you really want to make more money— Hey, if you don’t then say you don’t…no shame in the truth — you will stop and think about each of these questions. I suggest that you strategically select 1 Answer for each of these questions and get to work on creating a way that works under each of them. When you attack them all successfully you will go from an A+B=C company to an A+B+C=DEF company.

What will you try out?

I’m going to blog some ideas under each of these in the near future. Check back with my blog and we can brainstorm some answers together. Cool?


P.S. If you want personal help I offer it. I’ll come visit with you and your staff for as long as you feel it is necessary. We’ll put together a plan that will knock your socks off. Guaranteed! Call me: 512-560-0623


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