Is the Internet Leaving You Behind?

March 13, 2007

Podcasts, Blogs, FlickR, Squidoo, MySpace, Technorati, Wiki, Zooven, Adwords, AdSense and Yada Yada Yada….

Is the Internet Leaving you behind???

Fact is there is so much going on in the world
that is the Internet that it is just about
impossible for Restaurant People (the busiest
people in the country) to keep up.

Here’s what you do…

Leave it to me. Read my blog and you’ll
be in the know about things like those
listed above.

Do you need to write a blog? I’ll tell you…
Should you buy an iPod or Podcast? Let me show you…
Is listing on Google Adwords a good idea? Read on…


Have you ever had the feeling that you missed
the boat? Ever said to yourself, “Man, if I
would have started doing this 3 years ago
I would disgustingly rich!”

I know this is starting to sound like I’m
selling SNAKE OIL, but I’m not. I’m simply
sending up the warning flare. I don’t want
the restaurant industry to be left behind.

We are the most dynamic, happy, crazy and
half-cocked bunch of people and we should
be leading the tech-bounce, not trailing it.


Go-time is now. You’ll kick yourself
in a couple years if you don’t get involved.

Some INTENSE Restaurant Trends
are on the horizon…

Like Text Message Marketing
Like Dynamic Database Marketing
Like Automated Customer Relations Management
Like Personalized Menus
Like Digital Signage
Like Mobile Marketing
Like WiFi Customization and Marketing
Like Phone/GPS Restaurant Mapping

Many of these tools are in their infancy
and won’t be major players until years from
now. That’s why you need to be in the know

All I’m asking is that you read my
blog. And stay subscribed to this
newsletter. Nothing more.

May YOUR marketing be mouth-watering
and may your restaurant SPILLOVER with



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