The Absolute #1 Best Marketing Spot Online for Restaurants (and it’s in your own backyard!)

March 10, 2007

I regularly read all of these Web2.0 Magazines and stuff, right. I recently read a study that showed that 109,000,000 local searches were performed last July alone. (Geez, the Internet is huge). That was a 43% increase in local searches over the previous July(05).

The really cool thing about this data was not the amount of local searches, but the content of them.

Nearly 60% of searchers are looking for RESTAURANTS!

This is great news for restaurant owners that have good websites, and it’s bad news for restaurants that have crappy sites.

I suppose the reason I feel so compelled to post things that always seem to come around to the quality of websites is that it matters. These stats are proof. The study went on to show that 47% percent of searchers visited the local establishment as a result of the search.

Basically people are doing local searches (mostly for restaurants) and then going to those places.


The absolute #1 best marketing spot online for restaurants is in local search engines and directories. Like and You may also find some choice sites that are owned and operated locally. These can post huge search numbers locally if tons of people know about them. Here in Austin, for example, we have the Austin American Statesman. The Statesman is our major newspaper. They offer local search. We also have Undoubtedly you have some very local web directories or search engines. The key is to find them and get listed at or very near the top of them.

The best way to do this is to go online and perform a few local searches of your own. Jot down the sites, shoot inquiry emails to the ad depts or if they offer online sign up/submission then do it. You will find that these sites aren’t as expensive as you might think. Most search engines these days offer some form of pay-per-click model. This way you only pay for the clicks that visit your website.

Check out future and or past posts or even my eBook, “The Restaurants Guide to the Internet” for a ton more info on this and on what to present to the person doing the local search when they reach your website. If you pay to get them to click to your site HOW are you going to get them to come through the front door ? and not just on that night but say…. 6 times a year? What is your plan?


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