What is The Mouth-Watering Marketing System?

March 9, 2007

What is The Mouth-Watering Marketing System all about?

Over the last 6 years I’ve worked closely with greater than 100 restaurant owners. All of them were different in their own way. Naturally, one would want to differentiate oneself from the crowd, especially in the restaurant biz. There are a lot of Characters in the restaurant world, but, try as they might, they do have a few characteristics that are just like the next guy. They all want the same things and don’t know the best ways to get those things…. (The MWM System sells as an instant download in .pdf and mp3 for $48 Download it now.)

I know they all want to make money, don’t we all? They all want the PR – the publicity. On the deepest of levels (actually it may be shallow) but we all want some form of fame and fortune. The question is, “HOW?” How does a restaurant get the most bang for the marketing-buck? How does a restaurant drive hoards of people into the seats 6 meals a day, 8 days a week.

My Mouth-Watering Marketing System answers this question. It also answers several other common questions of misconception that are frequently asked by restaurant owners. As the name suggests, it’s a system. The system walks the restaurant owner through a step-by-step process of determining the answers to the following:

  • There are two kinds of restaurants in the world. Which type do I have?
  • There are two kinds of customers eating at my restaurant. What are they? Do I have more of one than of the other?
  • I have a limited monthly marketing budget. Where should I spend it so that I get maximum effectiveness?

The whole process take about 10 minutes. Seriously, it really is short, easy and pragmatic.

I’m sort of developing this theory of Marketing that I’m going to call Momentum Marketing. It has to do with the age-old techniques of JUDO. Yes, the Martial Art – JUDO. Not Geet Kun Do – but JUDO. Come to think of it, JeetKunDo (i don’t know how to spell it so I’m trying all forms) could also be a good model of marketing. JitCunDo was created by the master of martial arts himself, the man that every boy over the age of 30 knows as Bruce Lee.

The JaeatCoonDoe artform is actually a defensive and offensive discipline combined. Simply stated, you strike the opponent at the closest point of attach. If he is kicking you strike the foot. If he is throwing a punch you strike the hand and arm first. It combines that whole idea that many of the martial arts are defensive disciplines and not meant to beat the crap out of the opponent. But, hey, I watch the UFC and that makes me an expert.

Geez… Back to Momentum Marketing and JUDO.

Instead of throwing money at marketing operators should be throwing marketing at money.

Study that line for a moment. Where is the money? Is it from curbside biz? Is it late night? Is it happy hour? “Dance with the one that brung ya!” If breakfast is kicking then marketing toward breakfast. You have a better chance of kicking up the revenue by adding to a crowd that exists than trying to start one from scratch.

When you come to understand the 3 ways to raise revenue and you begin to realize that there are not anymore than 3 and there never will be, you (if you are a restaurant owner/marketer) will start to see how easy it is to know where to put your marketing dollar.

Ecologists agree that with every form of organism we can observe the justification for where and why they make their homes. We know why monkeys live in the jungle, and why ants make mounds after a hard rain, and why butterflies migrate and flap their wings in China and change the weather elsewhere (maybe a stretch on that one) but there is one organism that appears to have a truly random preference for making its home….yep It’s us. HUMANS.

From that bit of strange knowledge picked up in Senior-Level Ecology class at the University of North Texas in the Spring of ’94 I devised this statement: We gather where the people are.


The Application ???

If you have a swingin’ Happy Hour…..don’t spend a billion dollars trying to kick-start a Sunday Brunch.

If you have a kickin’ lunch crowd…don’t waste your bucks trying to revive a dead dinner rush.

If you have a bustling breakfast…don’t pump money into a Happy Hour pop.

I know it’s counter intuitive. You’re thinking…. okay we’ve got Brunch nailed lets build dinner. You throw some money at the marketing and people don’t show up. In the brains’ of the people you ARE the brunch place. You should beware as to not JACK THAT UP with trying to be the hip happy hour place. You’ll compromise your position and lose. You will lose big, too. Not only will you have mediocre Happy Hour business, but you will have paid a bunch of money for it and you will have diluted, or worse yet, crushed your brunch position.


You should buy and read my Mouth-Watering Marketing System.

OK… I’m not going to just SELL you … I’ll tell what to do instead of being a shameless sales guy…you’ve read this far (thank you!)

Figure out who you are in the mind of the people. This is called Positioning. What is your position? Who do customers think you are? Once you figure that out market yourself as such. Spend money embracing that spot in their collective craniums. Do some PR around it. Create your own event around it. Own it. Take what you’ve got and make it bigger.

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

-Keith Eddleman

P.S. I can help you figure out who you are. I love this type of consulting. Call me on my mobile: 512-560-0623



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