Continuity in Your Branding Makes you Look HUGE Even if You are Small

February 25, 2007

Continuity in your creative design increases your credibility among the masses. Your website must look like your email campaign and your email campaign look like your direct mail piece and your direct mail piece look like your table tent and so on and so on. Does it?Placing your entire brand in front of your guest over and over again increases your brand awareness. When your brand awareness is high people begin to ask their friends about you. People begin to associate you with other brands in your space. It is the right kind of brand awareness that leads to more sales coming through the door.

In order to do this on a consistent basis the brand has to be in place. It has to live. It has to be the same each time it is experienced by the customer.

Get your brand in place, and raise the awareness. That’s true marketing in its simplest form. The problem is most small businesses don’t have a true brand. Colors, Images, Logos, voices, music – it’s all part of the brand and it should all make sense every time the marketplace encounters your brand. How will you do this?

For 4 years Spillover has lead the field in the area of EMAIL LOYALTY. Now it’s time for us to spill over into full service consulting in marketing & branding. We will continue to bring continuity and the essential elements of creativity, planning and execution to our clients. From email campaigns to table tents we have you covered. Call us up. 512-322-2010


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