Multiple Website Strategy Does It Pay To Have Multiple Domains Under One Roof

February 24, 2007

What is the strategy behind multiple domains? You might ask…
What’s with the “properties” model? whoa…

There are a few reasons that I’ve decided to
rollout multiple websites instead of one giant
site with tons of content. Here are some of them.


Being customer-centric is crucial on the web.
Being quick and easy to navigate is an important
aspect of any website.

We at Spillover have several service offerings
that require a bit of information to grasp and
understand. That is why I decided it would be
better to have a web visitor visit a site totally
dedicated to the particular service offering
in which they had interest.

Pretty logical.

This also helps us internally. We can take the
time to gear everything toward that service offering
and my web developers take a more focused approach
on selling the service visually.


If you have an entire domain dedicated to
TEXT MESSAGING, for example, you are more likely
to get indexed in the search engines. So when
someone searches TEXT MESSAGING our specific
domain ( has
a greater likelihood of coming up, and it
has a greater likelihood of matching the
interest of the visitor.

We know that if someone searches out TEXT
they are interested in that
specifically. If they were to visit a general
site in which they were required to click
even 3 or 4 pages in before they got to the
good stuff they will be less likely to buy.

Seems to me someone with at specific desire or need
is looking for a company that focuses on meeting
that specific desire or need. My Dad used to say,
“Don’t order a burger at a chicken joint.”

So we sell WEB DESIGN at a WEB DESIGN joint.

That sums it up.


At it costs around $8 to register a domain
name for a year. If you purchase a hosting account the
price comes down even further.

If you’re short on flow (cash) you can actually run all
of your domains under one hosting account. You do what calls “forwarding.” You create a folder
under the main domain and “forward” the domain name to
that folder. That new folder becomes the root folder
for the new domain.

When you add the “masking” feature you can type
in the meta information for this domain so that it’s
indexed properly when google comes to dinner.

I like the multiple domain strategy. In terms of which
domain do we promote everywhere else, it’s always the
main domain: Everyone of
our domains connects to all the rest. It’s basically
like a giant house with a bunch of doors leading to
the outside.

Enter the domain through the door that interests
you the most.

Final comment:

I want comments. I see that stats for my blog and
I see that I’m getting around 300 readers weekly now.
I want to see some comments from you people. Talk to me!

Go to the bottom of this page and add a comment.

or email me directly:


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