A Bad Picture is Worth a 1000 Words (all consisting of 4 letters)

February 24, 2007

Restaurant Marketing People of the World.

You’ve heard it…

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Think about this…

It’s no different with pictures of YOUR FOOD.
And what if – just maybe – some of your
photos elicit 4-letter-words….yikes!

If I had a buck for all the bad restaurant photos out there…
well… nevermind.

Having an image repository with several professional
photos of your best dishes is a VERY useful

In fact, I consider it a MUST HAVE.

It could save you thousands on
graphic design and marketing, by making it
easier for designers to create beautiful pieces.
And these “photo-rich” designs will make you
more money.

A mouth-watering picture sells a thousand

The biggest and most depressing mistake
I see being made by the average indedepently
owned restaurant is REALLY BAD PHOTOS or none
at all.

Read my blog on
The “12 Ingredients that Make Restaurant
Websites Sizzle” One of my “Key Ingredients”
is photos.

…and now it’s a podcast that you can
download or stream from your computer.All podcasts are located here:


So, do you need to schedule a photoshoot?

I do photography! (you saw this coming, didn’t you?)

I started taking food photos back at the
very beginning of Spillover (circa 2001).

It started out of necessity because, like I said
earlier, most owners way underestimate the
value of good photos and the DAMAGE that is

Since the early days, I’ve studied photography,
invested in some great equipment, and I have taken
photos for LOTS of restaurants and bars most of which
have landed on web site that we’ve done you’ll see some
of my photography at the following sites:


[off the top of my head that’s all I can think of ]

I would love to come out and deliver you

Like EVERYTHING ELSE…you get what you pay for…Your customers want quality when they dine out.

Freshen up your photos and super-charge your

Email me directly if you’re in need of
some more, better, fresh, hot,
mouth-watering PHOTOS!


Hope to hear from you soon!


May your marketing be mouth-watering and your
restaurant Spillover with guests!

P.S. If you’re in a different city I’ll travel.


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